Nau mai, haere mai,
to all makers and creators.

This is Indigo Studios. Our Grey Lynn space is now available for everyone from independent creators to professional crews. 

If you have all the gear, or just an idea, we have the space and equipment you need to bring it to life. 

Choose a one-off hire, or a sweet monthly rate. And let’s make something.

The space.

Our large open studio is approximately 400m2 with an over 4m high ceiling, polished concrete floors, and white brick walls. Plus an easy-access (5x4m) roller door

We have a large (4.8x3m) permanent flat green screen that’s perfect for chroma key, live streaming, and anything else you can imagine. 

We also have a moveable paper background kit with coloured backgrounds that can be set up anywhere in the space. Our current available colours are: green, blue, yellow, pink, orange, white, and a black muslin sheet.

The gear.

Our small lighting kit includes two Aputure 300d, 120d COB LED lights, four RGB tubes, two Godox Studio Flashes, various softboxes, umbrellas and V-flats.

We have three BMPCC4K cameras, with an ATEM mixer or onboard recording options.

Stills can be captured on either a Canon 5D Mark IV or Sony A7III, with a solid set of lenses covering 18-200mm. These cameras can also double as video cams.

Audio options include a Presonus 32SX Live Mixer, Zoom recorders, wireless lapel mics, and a shotgun/boom combo

The above gear is included in our Creative Studio monthly plan, or available for hire on top of our one-off prices. 

Music Studio gear
Music Studio hire gives you access to our full suite of Music Studio gear. To see the full list, download our gear list. 

Monthly subscriptions.

Creative Studio


per month

You’ve got huge ideas. But to do them justice you need studio space and high-quality gear on the regular. Problem is, those costs add up. 

That’s where we can help. Our plan gives you two half-day shoots a month for the price of one. You save a tonne of money, and we get to see more Kiwi creative work out in the world. 

Win win.

Package includes:

2 x half-day
2 x 1 hour
Gear access
and tutorials

* Booking times subject to availability

Music Studio


per month

Want to lock in some studio time? Jump in on our monthly music studio package to get 3 half day sessions every month. And there’s no minimum subscription time if you need to go back to the drawing board.

Package includes:

2 x half-day
Gear access

* Booking times subject to availability

Casual rates.

All prices do not include a producer/engineer or gear. If needed, the right producer/engineer can be found and a rate will be given ahead of locking in the session.

Let us know if you need more and we can work through the finer details together.

Main Studio:

Half Day 

Full Day 

Evening rate (6pm-10pm)

Hourly Rate


Recording Studio:

Half Day

Full Day 

Evening rate (6pm-10pm)

Hourly Rate 

Rates (all prices +GST)




$200 (min 2 hours)

Weekend rates may differ please get in touch to confirm 

Rates (All prices +GST)




$150 (min 2 hours)